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LiHD – Quantum leap in performance for completely new applications
Now we are starting a technological revolution with the innovative Metabo LiHD battery packs: Not only could the run time be increased by up to 87%, but with up to 67% more power. …more

Drywall screwdrivers
Now the widest range with three different speed ranges available in mains or cordless versions ...more

Renovation Grinder
Quickly and cleanly removes coatings, hard cement plaster, concrete and adhesive remains. ...more

Long-neck sander
Light and practical with innovative dust extraction. Adjusts to three working lengths to suit various room heights and sizes. ...more

Whether for heavy mixtures or light fillers – available in four versions for different applications. ...more

Cordless Multi-Tool
Essential for cutting and modification tasks – a new addtion to the 18 volt Metabo cordless Pick+Mix system. ...more

Renovation Planer
For the quick removal of plaster, screed and old coatings. With precise depth adjustment and effective dust extraction. ...more

Suction systems
Automatic switch-on and automatic filter cleaning enables operation without interruptions or simply use it to clean the construction site. ...more

Site Compressor
Particularly mobile and robust compressors for a variety of air tools. Top cover links with the MetaLoc case system for air tool storage. ...more

For efficient surface finishing ...more

Laser measurement technology
Metabo offers you highly accurate, compact and robust laser measuring devices - the ideal helpers for use on construction sites. ...more


Pick+Mix configurator

You can choose the machines, batteries, chargers and your own transportation system that best suits your individual needs. ...more


The right solution for every application. ...more

Range of Machines

Here you find our Machine range 2014/2015